FDC Vista 2020-2021

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We start training on 9 January

Work started

Lucas Rojas to become coach

Shalbuz Farmanov became a player of FDC "Vista"

A new player Nikita Kholodov

Alexey Alukhanyan in FDC “Vista”!

FDC “Vista” in “Football Manager”!

Daniil Grigoriev will go to Spain

Welcome to FDC “Vista”!

Hajimurad Hajiyev was transferred to the FDC “Vista”

New goalkeeper

Magomedrasul Aliyev in FDC "Vista"!

The students returned victorious!


Attributions of the Vista Junior Academy”

Maxim Bocherenok joined FDC "Vista"

Another students victory

New year, old traditions!

First match of the Year

The match with “Yenisei” was canceled

Obinna underwent surgery

The closest rival is FC «Forte»

Students continue to win

Victory to the first match of the year!

Arthur Oganisyan: interview after the match with «Forte»

Recovery training

On 10 February we play with the youth team of «Ural»

Confident victory in Krymsk

Artur Hovhannisyan: interview after the match against the «Ural» youth team

On 13 February we play against “Strogino”

The match against “Strogino” was canceled due to weather conditions

We move to another level!

A good game against a Premier League team!

Artur Hovhannisyan: interview after the match against FC «Tambov»

Herman Krivdunov about the match against «Tambov».

A new meeting with old acquaintances

The price of simple mistakes

Artur Hovhannisyan: Interview after the match against «Kaluga».

Recovery training

New player is Vladislav Kurilyuk

The next opponent is FC “Makhachkala”

A victorious denouement!

Head coach about the victory over "Makhachkala"

Post-match interview with Gadzhimurad Gadzhiev.

The next match is against FC “Kuban Holding”

Scoring shootout with the leader of the PFL

Head coach about the match against FC "Kuban Holding"

Recovery training video

Another opponent is FC “Luki-Energia”

Scoring draw

Artur Hovhannisyan: Interview after the match

We will play against the youth team of “Orenburg”

Draw with the youth team of «Orenburg»

Sparring against Siberians

FDC "Vista" birthday!

We failed to cope with the leader of the PFL

Avara Obinna signed a contract with FC «Fremad Amager»

We will play against "Dynamo" from Barnaul.

Artur Hovhannisyan: interview after the match against “Novosibirsk”

A crushing victory over “Dynamo” Barnaul!

Interview after the victory

Another strong opponent

Edgar Piloyan became a player of FDC "Vista"!

A defeat in an equal game

An old acquaintance

Artur Hovhannisyan about the match against «Zvezda»

Deserved victory

Head coach about the match against “Krasnodar”

Reserve team lost to Siberians


Let's play in the Regional Championship!

Volodya Melkonyan became a player of FDC “Vista”

Results of the meeting in the Regional Federation: waiting for another team?

Changes to the Competition Rules

The first match is immediately against the favorite

A goal at the end of the first half, two penalties, a free kick: experience prevailed

Artur Hovannisyan about the match against "Pioner"

Video report about the first official match in the history of FDC "Vista"

FDC "Vista" has started preparing for the match against the Sochi «Zhemchuzhina»

We are waiting for a visit from “Zhemchuzhina”

A double victory!

Artur Hovhannisyan about the first victory in the Championship

And again we are waiting for a team from Sochi

Preparing for the match against “Medik”

A victorious denouement!

Artur Hovhannisyan about the victory over “Medik”

We waited for the Gelendzhik Derby!

New players have joined the FDC “Vista” team

The match against «Spartak» was postponed

Internship at FDC “Vista”

Instead of the lining of "Kuban" we will play with the «Academy of Football»

Goals at the beginning of the halves

After the match: Artur Hovhannisyan

Successful performance for the Kuban State University

The first official away is to Armavir

They didn't put the squeeze on...

Head coach: about the match in Armavir

Boris Tkachev took part in a seminar for goalkeeping coaches

We will play with the winners of the Russian Championship

A Confident victory!

Head coach — about the match against «Kuban-D»

Abzal Kalau called up to the national team

We go to the leader

Defeat instead of victory

The opponent in the Cup has been defined

Seminars for scouts

The long-awaited derby

Abzal Kalau successfully performed in the national team

Goalless draw in the derby

Artur Hovhannisyan: finishing is lame again

On 16 June, we will start in the Cup!

Defeat in the minority

Head coach about the cup match

Title contender

Effective victory!

After the match: Artur Hovhannisyan

Friendly match

Defeat by the reserve team

New employee

The “bears” ​in the lead

Two different halves

Artur Hovhannisyan: Interview after the match

We will play against "Eysk" on Saturday

Artur Hovhannisyan will continue his career in Denmark

New Head Coach

Defeat against the background of personnel problems

Patrick Papyan: post-match interview

Interview with the manager

Valery Fomenko became a player of FDC "Vista"

We finish the first leg in Dinskaya

Scoring draw

Scouting trip to Africa

Lagos Camp-2021

Testing in Lagos

First match of the second leg

Technical defeat of the opponent

The first stage of the scouting program has been completed

Atay Ilyichbek was called up to the national team

A dramatic draw against "Pioneer"

Selection camp in the city of Uyo

Algassime Bah has become an "Olympiacos" player!

Uyo camp-2021. Tests. Video

FDC "Vista" has completed its work in Uyo and is going to Abuja

Moses Candidus joins FC "Fremad Amager"

Scouting camp in the capital of Nigeria

Algassime Bah's goals for FDC "Vista"

We will play against "Zhemchuzhina" on 28 July

Visit to the Embassy

Paul Omamomo Ojo: we did a great job in Nigeria

The match against "Zhemchuzhina" will start at 5:00 PM

Scouting program continues in Ghana

The first away win of the season

Cooperation agreement with a Ghanaian club

Another match in Sochi

Visit to the Russian Embassy in Ghana

An unambiguous defeat

The third stage of the scouting program will be held in Ivory Coast

FDC "Vista" has completed the scouting program in Africa

The first training session after the vacation

Mathias Farias moved to FC "Fremad Amager"


Game against the youth team of "Chernomorets"

A confident victory in Novorossiysk

Post-match — Patrick Papyan

Meeting with friends

Olakunle Olusegun joined “Krasnodar-2”

Daniil Grigoriev became a player of the Italian club “Prato”

The best video moments of Olakunle Olusegun

The winning goal in the last seconds

Post-match — Patrick Papyan

Another game against KubSU

The students took revenge

Post-match — Patrick Papyan

Nichita Holodov was called up to the national team

FDC "Vista" is being vaccinated

We are resuming the season with the derby!

Changes in the composition

Luck has chosen the hosts…

Post-match — Patrick Papyan

On a visit to the “Kuban” youth team

We express our condolences

Away victory

We are waiting for guests from Armavir

Unconditional victory over Armavir-2

Post-match — Patrick Papyan

The next visit is to the "Football Academy"

The defeat of the "Academy"

Post-match — Patrick Papyan

“Traktor” will arrive from Sochi

Deja Vu…

Post-match — Patrick Papyan

Double-sided in the rain

Egor Skiba quits work in the club

The third trip to Krasnodar

Victorious “shootout" against FC “GNS-Spartak”

Post-match — Patrick Papyan

Students left for Crimea

Jonathan Okoronkwo spectacular in the Student League

Three confident victories of students

The leader is coming to visit

Okoronkwo Poker postponed the coronation of "Rus"

Post-match — Patrick Papyan

The last away match of the season

The most important victory in Yeisk

Post-match — Patrick Papyan

Congratulations to the football club "Rus" with the champion's title!

The decisive match of the season

Bronze in the debut season!

Post-match — Patrick Papyan

Edgar Piloyan has been called up to the Armenian youth national team

Boris Tkachev is leaving our club

Head coach Patrick Papyan is completing his work at the club

Alexander Davydkin appointed senior coach of the Academy

Artem Hovhannisyan has extended his contract with the club

The results of the season. Video of the «Kuban 24» TV channel

Edgar Piloyan helped the national team to defeat Scotland!

Presentation of the new coach

Press conference: the main thing

Students are back in leading roles!

Agustin Perez is the new goalkeeping coach

Edgar Piloyan: I am glad that I helped the national team to reach the elite round

Congratulations to the girls of FC "KubSU" with the title of champion!

Students continue to win

Cesar Carrera is the best player of the Student League stage!

Awards at the end of the season

Piloyan is back in the national team!

Domagoj Kosic joined the coaching staff

Students have bronze, Jonathan is the top scorer

The first match with the renewed squad

A confident victory in Krasnodar

Post-match: Gerard Nus

Broadcast about our project

Congratulations to Vasily Pravilo!

Friendly match against the KubSU team

Video: a new field based on the club

The students were stronger

Post-match: Gerard Nus