A victorious denouement!

The match of the third round of the Championship of Krasnodar Region, in which “Medic” of Sochi came to visit FDC “Vista”, turned out to be extremely tense and dramatic. Its denouement came at the very end, when our team managed to tip the scales in their favor and win a well-deserved victory.

And everything started calmly for the red and white in this match. Artur Hovhannisyan's players immediately seized the initiative and created several dangerous chances at the guests gates.. However, it was only possible to open the scoring on the fourth attempt, when Jonathan Okoronkwo ran one on one towards goalkeeper and coolly sent the ball into the net.

After that, our team continued to attack, but the goal was unexpectedly scored by Sochi. However, there was a controversial moment in that episode: there were two balls on the field at the same time, and some of our players switched off from the match, waiting for the referee team to stop the game. However, the referee's whistle was silent, the Medic player was in a striking position and sent the ball into the net.

During the break, our coaching staff made a number of substitutions, which immediately bore fruit. Vladislav Kurylyuk made a cross from the right flank, Okoronkwo shot at the goalkeeper, but Timofey Kostenko was the first to finish off, which put an end to this attack. After that, Kurylyuk could remove all questions about the winner, but instead of shooting at the goal, he decided to make a pass to Kostenko, and the defender of” Medik " intercepted this pass.

As often happens, the reckoning for the unrealized moments followed instantly. The visitors earned the right to a penalty, which allowed them to equalize the score again. And yet our guys did not give up and in the very end of the match they snatched the victory. Kostenko made a cross from the left flank into the center of the penalty area, where Ifeani Nduka burst in and head-butted the ball into the net – 3: 2!

FDC "Vista" – " Medik” – 3:2 (1:1).

Goals: Okoronkwo, 26, Kostenko, 50, Nduka, 90-Nemtsov, 36, 70 (penalty).

FDC "Vista": Achinov (Dyachenko, 46), Gabaraev, Carrera (c) (Paul, 85), Krivdunov, Nduka, Granado, Candidus, Egiazaryan (Bocherenok, 90+1), Kalau (Kostenko, 46), Obere (Kurylyuk, 46), Okoronkwo.

«"Medik": Stepanov, Voropaev, Zebelyan, Treshchansky, Abramishvili, Parfeniy, Nemtsov (Tolmachev, 73), Urdiev (Demeriyan, 85), Pilia (Torlakyan, 54), Chelidze, Pavlov.

Yellow cards: Chelidze, 15, Krivdunov, 75, Kurylyuk, 76.

Send off: Chelidze, 82.

Referees: Doroshenko, Kulichenko, Efremov (all-Krasnodar).

1 May, 2021, Kabardinka, Olymp Stadium. No spectators.