Title contender

Already on the third day after the Kuban Cup matches, the participants of the Krasnodar Region Championship will have to return to the battles of the championship and solve the tournament tasks of the season. In the 10th tour, the FDC “Vista” will be visited by the Krasnodar “GNS-Spartak”, which, by the way, also stopped its performance in the Cup, losing to the “Venets” team from the city of Gulkevichi.

This club has long played at the highest amateur level in the region and has many titles in its history. At the end of the last and the beginning of this century, the red-and-white team was always among the favorites of the regional championship. In recent years, the course of the club has changed somewhat and now with a Lozenge on the chest, there are mainly young football players, who are trained in the leading specialized schools in the region.

Nevertheless, despite a fairly young squad, the current season Spartak started quite confidently and is currently located on the fourth line of the standings. The Krasnodar team has five victories, and two of them were won against the leaders of the championship: “Pioneer” and “Traktor”.

The head coach of our opponent is a well-known Kuban specialist Andrey Nemykin. In fact, the composition of the Spartak team is a student team of the Kuban Agrarian University, which successfully competes in the second most important Student League in Russia.

Saturday's match, we can say, will be a battle for six points, as in the face-to-face match, the neighbors in the standings meet, chasing the top three leaders of the championship. You can watch the game on our Youtube channel. The broadcast from the “Olymp” Stadium in Kabardinka will start at 5:50 P.M.