We will play with the winners of the Russian Championship

On Wednesday, 26 May, FDC “Vista” will hold the postponed match of the 5th day of the Championship of the Krasnodar Region against the team “Kuban-D”. Recall that this match was postponed due to the participation of our opponent in the Russian Championship in Essentuki.

First, let's immediately congratulate the Krasnodar team on their successful performance at this tournament. Yes, the format of the current National Championship has changed significantly and now excludes the participation of the strongest Russian schools that formed the Youth Football League, but just the victory in Essentuki gives the team from Krasnodar the right to play in the play-offs for getting into the very same UFL.

Despite the presence of the word “Kuban” in the official name of the team, the team traveled to Essentuki under a different name, namely: “Football school” Krasnodar. The fact is that the understudy of PFC “Kuban”, which plays in the PFL, was created just on the basis of the players born in 2004 team of this very “Football School”. The team is headed by a well-known specialist Murat Gomleshko, and in the application for participation in the Championship of the Region there are several players of “Kuban”.

Because of the trip to the Russian Championship, our closest opponent managed to play only three matches in the regional championship, in which he won two victories and suffered one defeat.

The match against “Kuban-D” will be held in the village of Kabardinka and will start at 5:00 pm. A live broadcast of this meeting is planned on our YouTube channel .