Goalless draw in the derby

On 9 June, the first Gelendzhik derby in the Krasnodar Region Championship was held at the "Olymp" Stadium in the village of Kabardinka. It was a rescheduled match of the 4th day, in which FDC "Vista" hosted "Spartak".

There were some changes in the starting line-up of our team compared to the previous matches. Due to the injury, Arsen Egiazaryan was on the bench, replaced by Edgar Piloyan. And the best scorer of the team Timofey Kostenko in the attack group was replaced by Vladislav Kurylyuk. There was also a change in the goaltending position: instead of Alexander Dyachenko, Egor Achinov was in the starting line-up.

The match started with a flurry of attacks by our team. Before the 20th minute, Artur Hovhannisyan's players created six chances to score, but our guys failed to open the scoring. Gradually, the Spartak players got used to it and also began to visit the penalty area of Achinov. However, our defenders coped with the monotonous horse throws of the guests without much difficulty, and closer to the break they again created several dangerous moments, but, as before, without effective finishing.

In the second half, the pace of the game decreased. The players of FDC "Vista" still had a territorial advantage, and "Spartak" repeatedly "shot" into our penalty area at the first possession of the ball. The main features of the derby after the break were the intensity and high density in every part of the field.

As a result, none of the teams managed to experience the joy of scoring a goal. The first Gelendzhik derby ended in a goalless draw.

FDC "Vista" — "Spartak" (Gelendzhik) - 0:0.

FDC «Vista»: Achinov, Gabaraev, Carrera (c), Nduka, Krivdunov, Granado, Candidus, Piloyan, Kurilyuk (Egiazaryan, 68), Obere, Okoronkwo.

Spartak: Zykov, Dolgov (c), Dmitriev, Kachura, Egorov (Mirzaliev, 90+5), Ashkalov, Anisimov, Filippovich (Dudkin, 88), Chankuridi, Malyshev, Bataev.

Yellow cardsGranado, 26, Anisimov, 47, Okoronkwo, 48, Egorov, 55, Chankuridi, 90+2, Kachura, 90+4.

Referees: Kholin (Maykop), Shramko (Belorechensk), Novikov (Maykop).

9 June, 2021. P. Kabardinka, "Olymp" Stadium.