A goal at the end of the first half, two penalties, a free kick: experience prevailed

In their first match at the official level, our team, unfortunately, lost. The young players of FDC “Vista“ could not cope with a more experienced opponent: the football club ”Pioner", which represents the Leningrad region in the Championship of the Krasnodar Region.

From the very first minutes of the match, it became clear that the adult players of “Pioner” will play aggressively and straightforwardly. Long shots, pressure, hard joints-these are the main trumps that the guests presented from the very beginning of the match. However, “Pioner” failed to benefit from power football. Soon, the Red and Whites took control of the ball and calmed down the game, and then began to organize their attacks. The score in the match could be opened by Vladislav Kurylyuk, who came to the striking position from the right half-flank. However, the goalkeeper of “Pioner” Vyacheslav Marikoda coped with his blow to the near corner.

But a few minutes later, he was powerless to save his team, when a precise shot in the corner was successful for FDC “Vista" forward Emmanuel Obere-1:0 in favor of our team in the 26th minute of the game. Then the guys of Artur Hovannisyan made some more interesting attacks. Ruslan Gabaraev and the same Obere shot dangerously from the flanks to the goal line, but unfortunately there was no one to close these shots.

And at the very end of the first half, the visitors managed to equalize the score. A prolonged attack led to the fact that Mikhalev caught a rebound on the penalty area and restored his balance with a shot at angle 90. A goal at the end of first half had a positive effect on those who succeeded, and in this case, the beaten rule was confirmed. In the second half, the visitors continued to play aggressively and regularly put pressure on our defense. At the same time, our team could also come forward. After an amazing flanking counterattack, Jefferson Granado was in the position of killer, but Marikoda managed to cope with his head blow.

And then the guests, experienced in games at a professional level, demonstrated how to use the experience accumulated over the years. Players of “Pioner" made long passes in our defense correctly finding contact, after the opponent fell in the penalty area. Two such cases occurred in our penalty area and the referee of the match Garik Mnatsakanyan made decisions in favor of the guests, awarding a penalty. Both 11-meters were converted, which predetermined the final outcome.

And the point in the match was put by another standard in the performance of “Pioner". Already in additional time, the visitors set the final score with a free kick – 1:4.

FDC "Vista" - "Pioner” – 1:4 (1:1).

Goals: Obere, 26, - Mikhalev, 45+2, 76 ( penalty), Tumasyan, 86 (penalty), Bogatyrev, 90+3.

FDC "Vista": Achinov, Gabaraev, Bocherenok (Zaitsev, 86), Krivdunov (c), Alukhanyan, Abdigali (Paul, 53), Modepula (Harutyunyan, 35, Palagin, 62), Kurilyuk, Egiazaryan, Granado, Obere.

"Pioneer": Marikoda, Gorelov, Ovsienko, Khinchagov (Kodenets, 54), Osipov (c), Cherkasov, Tumasyan (Amoev, 90+2), Mikhalev (Bogatyrev, 69), Rule (Sokolov, 87), Semenov (Vershinin, 83), Dmitrienko (Baratov, 86).

Referees: Mnatsakanyan, Shustrov, Shramko.

17 April, 2021. Kabardinka, Olymp Stadium. No audience.