A sided game with lot of goals

On March 4, FDC «Vista» has a sided game. On this day, there was supposed to be a friendly match with the «Krasnodar» youth team, but it was canceled.

Our team was divided into red and blue (FDC «Vista»-1 and FDC «Vista»-2). Despite of the fact that they were led by one coach – Domagoj Kosic.

In two halves, there were scored the same number of goals – five. The Reds has scored first: in the third minute, Adams Friday has crossed to Rashid Yusuf into the penalty area, but it was uncomfortable for him to score, and he rolled the ball to Tejiri Matthew Gbomadu, who was into penalty area and shooted. Six minutes later, the blues scored: Samuel Akere made a penetrating pass to Umeh Emmanuel, but the goal was saved the goalkeeper. The ball ended up in the field, and Christian Nwanchukwu, has equalized the score. After that, only FDC «Vista»-1 scored in the first half. At the 12th minute, after an amazing combination in the opponent's penalty area, the ball bounced off to Favor Arouameh, who easily rolled the ball into Davit Davtyan's goal. Umeh Emmanuel scored in the 20th and 30th minutes. Soon the half ended – 4:1 in favor of the Reds.

For the second half, the teams changed the color of the game kit, but the red ones remained red, and the blue ones were blue. Substitutions were also made, which gave a second breath to the match. On the 38th minute, FDC «Vista»-2 scored, but from the rebound of Emmanuel John, who played for the Reds. On the 43rd and 47th minutes he scored for the Reds Akere. The last two goals in the match were scored by the blues: John, running into the goal, sent the ball into them too – another own goal. On 68 minutes, Michael Igboeli made a good shoot under the crossbar in the penalty area.

The game turned out to be productive and interesting. «We have changed the game plan. We are trying to introduce elements such as pressing and vertical passes ... I am satisfied with what I saw» – acting head coach Domagoj Kosic.

FDC «Vista»-1 – FDC «Vista»-2 – 6:4 (4:1)

Goals: Tbomadu, 3 (0:1), Nwachukwu, 9 (1:1), Arowameh, 12 (2:1), Emmanuel, 20 (3:1), Emmanuel, 30 (4:1), John own goal, 38 (4:2), Akeré, 43 (5:2), Akeré, penalty (6:2), John (AG), 64 (6:3), Igboeli (6:4).

FDC «Vista»-1: Emuwahen (gk), T. Kader, S. Traore, Agyemang, Nwachukwu, Abraham, Arouameh, Ukaki, A. Traore, Emmanuel, Aker.

FDC «Vista»-2: Davtyan (gk), Doumbia, Diomande, Onuoha, Alukhanyan, Batigi, Gbomadu, Kalu, Kurilyuk, Yusuf, Friday.

Substitutes: Guei, Igboeli, Ajibona, John, Piloyan, Granado.

Warnings: S. Traore, 51 (rough play).

Judges: Evgeny Popov, Alexander Barkalov, Sergey Bagdasaryan (all from Novorossiysk).

March 4, 2022 «Olymp», the village of Kabardinka. Overcast, +7.