The first victory at the training camp in Turkey

FDC «Vista» at 11:00 met with the youth team «Chertanovo» U-19 (Moscow). The result was the victory of the red-whites.

From the very beginning, «Vista» took control of the game and it soon paid off. At the 36th minute, thanks to individual skill, Christian Nwachukwu opened the scoring in the match.

In the second half, the red-whites have controlled the game even more. And it was really upset to miss the ball after a rare attack by a team from Moscow in the 80th minute. But, in the last ten minutes, our club was more active, and at the 83rd Asse Alain Guey again brought the red-whites forward, and two minutes after, at the end of the match, John Batigi has scored – 3:1.

FDC «Vista» – FC «Chertanovo» U-19 (Moscow) – 3:1 (1:0)

Goals: Nwachukwu, 36 (1:0), Yakimenko, 80 (1:1), Guei, 83 (2:1), Batigi, 88 (3:1).

FDC «Vista»: Emuwahen (v), Trezor, K. Traore, Abraham, Alukhanyan (c), Aroyameh, Batigi, Piloyan (Fofana, 69), Emmanuel (Guei, 46), Nwachukwu, Igboeli.

FC «Chertanovo» U-19: Zhuzhnev (v, c), Pustovitenko, Dolgushin, Romanenkov, Yasinski, Kozhevnikov, Nafikov, Yakimenko, Zherko, Tetyushin, Shmatov.

4th February 2022. Belek, Turkey.