We start the year with a victory

Today «Vista» played its first match this year. The rivals were one of the leaders of the Second League (the third professional league in Russia) – «Chayka» from the Rostov region. Both teams played their first games after the vacation, and for Igor Semshov, it was his debut match as the head coach of the «Chayka».

С первых минут «Vista» начала показывать высокие скорости и контрпрессинг на каждом участке поля. Складывалось ощущение, что соперник оказался не готов к футболу, который демонстрировала наша команда. Первые 15 минут обе команды поочередно атаковали, но до действительно опасных моментов дело не доходило. На 20 минуте капитан «Висты» Оджо Абрахам вывел красно-белых вперед – 1:0. Предшествовало взятию ворот очередное нарушение правил на Баба Н’Диайе и опасная подача в штрафную площадь в исполнении Мэтью Теджири Гбомаду, где после рикошета расторопнее всех у мяча оказался Оджо.

After the score in the match was opened, there were no special changes in what was happening on the field. «Vista» was still going on the attack, and the «Chayka» was looking for happiness on the standards at the gates of Raymond Nsoh. It seemed that our team was controlling the course of the meeting, as literally out of nothing the «Chayka» earned a penalty. Seydou Traore committed a foul by negligence in his penalty area, and the main referee of the meeting, Alexander Barkalov, had no doubts about the appointment of an 11-meter strike. The captain of «Chayka» Anton Orlov approached the ball and sent the ball into the net with an accurate shot to the right corner from the goalkeeper – 1:1. Note that Raymond guessed the direction of the ball, even touched it with his fingertips, but failed to deflect the blow. Before the half-time whistle, the score did not change, and the teams went to rest.

In the second half, the «Chayka» practically changed the entire squad, while the «Vista» coaching staff made only two substitutions. Instead of Success Ukaki, Izuchukwu Okonkwo appeared on the field, who, as it turns out later, will play an important role in the final result of the match. And also, instead of Raymond Nsoh, the goalkeeper who is on view entered the game. «Vista» made the rest of the substitutions during the second half.

Okonkwo played the whole second half in attack and repeatedly tormented the defensive redoubts of the «Chayka». At the 68th minute, he burst into the penalty area, made a sighted shot at his partner, who in one touch sent the ball into the goal – 2:1. The second goal in the performance of our team was scored by a football player who is on view.

Before the final whistle, the Rostov players tried their best to recoup, but they failed to do so. «Vista» really showed a confident and reliable game, and most importantly, a high-speed one. A fan loves this kind of football, it's always interesting to watch such a game.

If we talk about the statistics of the match, then an impressive number of violations on the part of our opponent caught my eye. More than two dozen fouls, the vast majority of which were committed due to the fact that the «Chayka» players were inferior in speed today. During the match, the referee took out a yellow card three times. Footballers from Peschanokopskaya were warned twice, and our mustard plasterer received Seydou Traore in an episode with a penalty kick. The players of the «Chayka» hit the goal more often, but the main part of these blows did not carry danger.

We start the year 2023 with a victory. This match showed that the team is well prepared physically, and the players themselves missed football!

22 January. Friendly match. FDC «Vista» – «Chayka» (v. Peschanokopskoye) – 2:1 (1:1)

Goals: Abraham, 20 (1:0), Orlov (penalty), 39 (1:1), player on view, 68 (2:1).

FDC «Vista»: Nsoh (gk) (Player on view, 46), Tejiri Matthew Gbomadu, S. Traore, John, Abraham (c), Diene (Player on view, 68), Batigi, Ukaki (Okonkwo, 46), Nwachukwu, Baba N'Diaye (Player on view, 72), Ajibona (Player on view, 63).

«Chaika» 1 half: Sorochinsky (gk), Tikhonov, Volkov, Detenyshev, Sinyak, Sadov, player on view, Orlov (с), Khokhlachev, Kolmakov, Klimov.

«Chaika» 2 half: Romanyukov (пл), Tikhonov (player on view, 70), Uzhgin, Zarypbekov, Ivashin, player on view, Pershin, Gystarov, Kozhedub, Kwekveskiri, player on view.

Warnings: S. Traore, 38 (rough play) – Detenyshev, 24 (disruption of a promising attack), Kwekveskiri, 89 (disruption of a promising attack).

Referees: Alexander Barkalov, Ivan Tokarev, Maxim Ivanov (all – Novorossiysk).

22 January 2023. «BootCamp» sports complex, Shirokaya Balka village, Novorossiysk. Clearly, 12+.